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When do you need an unmanaged dedicated server?

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October 12, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Are you debating whether to invest in an unmanaged dedicated server, managed one, or something more evolved like a cloud VPS server provider? Well, you are not alone. Businesses often struggle to find the perfect web hosting infrastructure depending on their site’s performance and brand perception. While the costs are crucial, the right solution is always based on an informed decision that defines your website’s outlook and performance for your audience.

Several reasons make unmanaged servers the best for customers. They are less expensive than their managed peers, and unmanaged servers offer great flexibility.

But first, what are unmanaged dedicated servers?

In unmanaged dedicated hosting, the client is entirely responsible for managing the web server. As a server administrator, the client must install and manage the operating system, software, security programs, and other web applications. They must also be able to upgrade them regularly, apply patches, perform system restores, create data backups, monitor the entire system, and keep it running smoothly at all times.

In an unmanaged dedicated server hosting environment, the service provider typically provides crucial services like network monitoring, internet connectivity monitoring, web server monitoring, and equipment monitoring for any hardware and connectivity-related issues, such as maintaining a 100% uptime guarantee and a dependable and secure high-speed connection.

Benefits of Unmanaged dedicated servers

1. You have complete control over unmanaged dedicated servers.

The hosting provider grants you complete administrative access so you may set up the server how you want it. You can pick which control panel to use, which operating system to choose, and which servers and apps to deploy on the server.

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2. Dedicated servers that are not managed cost less.

Once more, the reason these plans are less expensive is that the hosting providers don’t provide the amount of assistance that comes with a managed plan. To operate your server and solve any issues that may arise, you or your team must possess the necessary server abilities.

3. Unmanaged dedicated servers are labor-intensive but they help you to be in complete control.

You are in charge of every element of server upkeep. Your server has to be continuously protected from potential dangers such as viruses, malware, and other attacks. This is both a plus point and a drawback because if you are tech savvy, you can protect your server like a pro. However, if you don’t understand the ins and outs of server management, securing your server might be daunting.


There is no right or wrong answer to when you should get an unmanaged dedicated server. However, if you are a company in need of extra flexibility or power, an unmanaged server can render you the extra power that you need for hosting your website.

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