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Dedicated servers from WORLDBUS that tackle even the most demanding workloads with ease! 

Is a dedicated server worth it in the Netherlands?

If you are a website owner looking for a server that offers more control, flexibility, and performance, a dedicated server in the Netherlands is your ultimate solution. With the best-dedicated server in the Netherlands, you can get hassle-free, tailor-made VPS Hosting that is perfectly tailored according to the needs of your enterprise. As a leading provider of dedicated server hosting in the Netherlands, WORLDBUS provides hosting solutions with unlimited bandwidth, lightning-fast speed, better reliability, 100% uptime, and infinite disk space.

Still, wondering whether a dedicated virtual server in Netherland is worth it? Well, then here is your answer. The dedicated virtual server in Netherland or dedicated virtual server hosting has tons of benefits. Organizations that don’t prefer to maintain a local on-premise server or those who don’t have the resources to maintain a local, on-premise server can always go for a dedicated server in the Netherlands to take advantage of the flexible single-tenant environments. You can get a highly customizable environment that offers the added benefit of faster deployment, increased productivity, and better efficiency when you switch to a dedicated server in the Netherlands.


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Unmanaged Dedicated Server in Netherlands

Intel Xeon E3-1246v38x 3.50 GHz16GB ECC DDR31x 1TB SATA31Gbps$59.99/moNetherland flagCustomize & Order
Intel Xeon E3-1220v64x 3.00 GHz16GB ECC DDR41x 2TB SATA31Gbps$69.99/mo Netherland flagCustomize & Order
Intel Xeon E3-1270v28×3.50 GHz32GB ECC DDR31x 1TB SSD1Gbps$79.99/moNetherland flagCustomize & Order
Intel Xeon E-233612x 2.90 GHz32GB ECC DDR42x 1TB SATA31Gbps$89.99/moNetherland flagCustomize & Order
Intel Xeon E-2236 12x 3.40 GHz64GB ECC DDR42x 2TB SATA31Gbps$99.99/moNetherland flagCustomize & Order
Intel Xeon E-2336 12x 2.90 GHz64GB ECC DDR42x 480GB SSD1Gbps$109.99/moNetherland flagCustomize & Order
2x Intel Xeon E5-2620v432x 3.10 GHz96GB ECC DDR41x 500GB SSD1Gbps$139.99/moNetherland flagCustomize & Order
2x Intel Xeon Silver 431048x 2.10 GHz128GB ECC DDR42x 1.92TB SSD1Gbps$269.99/moNetherland flagCustomize & Order

How much do dedicated servers cost in the Netherlands?

On average, the cost for dedicated hosting servers in the Netherlands can range from $100 to $200/ month. However, every penny that you spend on the top quality dedicated servers is worth it because you can have adequate resources along with intelligent server technology that can level up your business framework to a whole new level. The best-dedicated server in the Netherlands by WorldBus gives you full access to high-performance, workload-optimized, and customizable dedicated servers right where you need them.

Bring your workloads closer to your customers with Netherlands dedicated server. Pick from an extensive array of configurations optimized for different workloads or personalize your hardware for your specific use. Order dedicated server in the Netherlands from WorldBus with flexible payment options and deploy with no contractual commitments. Get root access to your hardware instantly with the added benefit of free setup without any potential roadblocks.  

Advantages of a dedicated server

Dedicated servers come with a bewildering range of benefits for your website. They provide improved speed and performance. As your site does not share server resources with anyone else, you can be significantly faster. Configure your server to align with the customized requirements of your site as you get complete freedom and control with increased security and more storage space.

If you have a high-traffic site that requires working faster with a minimal amount of downtime, then a dedicated server is the way to go. From the business perspective, reliability and performance are extremely crucial. With a dedicated server, no one else can access your server, so your site is completely secure. You can benefit from the additional storage space because you will never have to worry about running out of room.  



Scalability, control, performance and global footprint

Higher Perfromance

Processor power, disk space, memory and other system resources aren’t shared with noisy neighbors.

Greater Control

Customize individual server hardware, OS and other items to meet the needs of your environment, including tough-to-manage I/O intensive applications.

Customizable security

Single-tenancy provides higher levels of security to help comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and FISMA guidelines

FREE Setup Fee!

We dont have any hidden, setup fee or minimal subscription for our dedicated server offers.



How to configure a dedicated server? 

To configure your dedicated server you must choose and install the operating system first. Update your operating system and install the webserver. Install the MySQL Database server, PHP, and Bind DNS server. Lastly, install the FTP server, and secure the dedicated server. Configuring your dedicated server can be challenging. However, WorldBus offers you a free setup. You can avail of our free setup process to cut down on the configuration process. The experts will handle it for you or you can always get in touch with our 24/7 customer support team.

Unleash the power of dedicated servers driven by automation. Decommission or deploy your servers in minutes using CLI, simple API calls, or the intuitive web UI and manage your infrastructure automatically through straightforward Infrastructure-as-code tools. Pick a hosting plan that perfectly aligns with your CI/CD pipelines and optimizes your It spending with pre-configured hosting plans powered by top-notch hardware.  

Best instant dedicated server hosting in the Netherlands

WorldBus offers you unmetered dedicated servers in the Netherlands that give you a strategic advantage for business expansion. Run your apps close to your clients and teams and orchestrate workloads by leveraging the latest hardware, round-the-clock expert support, and a DDoS-protected low-latency network.  

Our 1gbps dedicated server in the Netherlands enables you to leverage the latest CPU, storage, and memory to handle even the most demanding workload with ease. With our cheap dedicated server in the Netherlands scale resources as your business grows. Update your infrastructure according to your enterprise demands and avoid network or hardware bottlenecks. WorldBus offers you the opportunity to manage your infrastructure through our web portal. Stay in full control over your dedicated servers in Netherland as you leverage our flexible bandwidth and enterprise-grade security options.

Opt for the top-notch dedicated servers in the Netherlands from WorldBus, adapt your server to your web traffic demands, and handle your data-hungry workloads effortlessly and cost-effectively with flexible CPU resources, and customizable dedicated hardware.

FAQ About Dedicated Servers

What are the different types of dedicated servers?

There are two types of dedicated servers: Managed and unmanaged.

What are managed dedicated servers?

In the managed server option, the hosting provider takes care of all the technical tasks for you, like monitoring security risks and creating backups.

What are unmanaged dedicated servers?

Unmanaged dedicated servers allow the users complete control. You can manage all the server-related tasks, including administrative work, data monitoring, creating backups, and more.

What does my dedicated server support?

With a dedicated server, you can deploy a personal data sync, set up your VoIP, secure your network connections, simplify project management and personal cloud, host your web page, etc.

How long does it take to set up a dedicated server?

The time for setting up a dedicated server can range from a few minutes to a few hours. The time typically depends on the requirements of the customer and the level of customization that needs to be done.