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Get powerful dedicated servers in Georgia for high performance and Security.

Best dedicated server hosting in Georgia

Experience the rush of seamless and instant dedicated servers in Georgia. Remove additional resources as your website traffic grows or fluctuates. WORLDBUS offers you the best-in-class dedicated server in Georgia that can handle your website’s traffic spike without affecting your uptime or performance. Pick an OS as per your website requirements or business operations. With our dedicated servers in Georgia choose an OS that meets and exceeds your site expectations. Go for our dedicated servers in Georgia and ensure that your website is up and running without any glitches or performance hiccups.

Low-cost dedicated servers in Georgia

What would you do if someone offers you a state-of-the-art dedicated hosting server in Georgia within a reasonable price range? At WORLDBUS, we believe in making efficiency easy for businesses all across the globe. This is why we offer dedicated server hosting in Georgia with complete administrative access and server control. You can install and configure any application or software program on your website’s operations without any obstacles. Customize your server as per your requirements at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket because WORLDBUS specializes in providing cheap dedicated server hosting in Georgia as per our client demands.

Our feature-rich control panels are sufficed with the best webhosting options. Along with our low-cost dedicated servers in Georgia, you get to manage and create mail accounts, manage databases, set up spam filterers, manage domains, handle file management conveniently and securely.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an instant dedicated server in Georgia with WORLDBUS now and step into the digital realm with better flexibility.


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Powerful Dedicated Server in Tbilisi, Georgia

2x Intel® Xeon 6-Core24x 2.66 GHz16 GB DDR32x 146 GB SAS1 Gbps$99.99/mo Georgia flagCustomize & Order
2x Intel® Xeon 6-Core24x 2.66 GHz32 GB DDR32x 146 GB SAS + 500GB SSD1 Gbps$129.99/mo Georgia flagCustomize & Order
2x Intel® Xeon 6-Core24x 2.66 GHz48 GB DDR32x 146 GB SAS + 2x 500 GB SSD1 Gbps$149.99/mo Georgia flagCustomize & Order


Why are dedicated servers so expensive?

Dedicated hosting servers in Georgia are expensive because they are one of the most powerful options to host a website with heavy traffic. In the Georgia dedicated server hosting environment, you will be provided with an entire server solely dedicated to your organization or website. As you get the entire physical server dedicated for your own individual need, you have to pay more. With the best-dedicated servers in Georgia, you get enhanced security, high availability of resources, dedicated amount of server resources, full root SS access, excellent performance, 24/7 expert technical support, access to dedicated IP, etc.

Also, dedicated servers are much faster than typical servers, and they are well-known for supporting performance-tuned environments. If you are looking for complete control over your hosting environment, unmanaged dedicated server Georgia can offer you the power, flexibility and agility to handle the traffic. Dedicated servers are a brilliant alternative to on-premise investment, personnel and support. With dedicated servers, you can even leverage the power of the Cloud and complete data back-up in case of data compromise.

Why use a server instead of a desktop?

While a desktop typically runs a user-friendly operating system, and desktop applications are intended to facilitate desktop-oriented tasks, servers manage all the network resources. Servers are dedicated environments. They perform no other task besides the general server tasks. As servers are designed to manage, store, process, and send data, they are more reliable than the desktop. Also, servers offer a variety of features that desktops can’t. The processors found in desktops are not as powerful as those found in servers with multiple processers, threads at one time, and cores. State-of-the-art servers also support advanced RAM. More cache memories with storage interconnect technology. If you are entangled with the confusion between server and desktop, then server technology is the best way to secure your data because it is better in all aspects of storage, hosting, and more.



Scalability, control, performance and global footprint

Higher Perfromance

Processor power, disk space, memory and other system resources aren’t shared with noisy neighbors.

Greater Control

Customize individual server hardware, OS and other items to meet the needs of your environment, including tough-to-manage I/O intensive applications.

Customizable security

Single-tenancy provides higher levels of security to help comply with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and FISMA guidelines

FREE Setup Fee!

We dont have any hidden, setup fee or minimal subscription for our dedicated server offers.



How much does it cost to run a dedicated server 24*7?

On average, it costs about 500 to 1,200 watts per hour or about $731.94 to manage your dedicated server 24×7. The costs for unmetered dedicated servers typically vary so ensure that you get the best plans for dedicated server hosting from the best companies in Georgia.

Why is considering an unmetered dedicated server beneficial?

Theoretically unmetered dedicated servers are those servers that don’t have any set limitation on monthly bandwidth usage. Unmetered dedicated servers can offer you more freedom and flexibility as you don’t have to worry about exhausting your monthly bandwidth limit. Also, unmetered dedicated servers offer enhanced security with improved overall performance, so that you can have peace of mind. When you use more bandwidth than you have paid for, you will end up paying overages. However, with an unmetered dedicated hosting, you don’t have to pay for overages or penalties that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

FAQ About Dedicated Server in Georgia

What is the biggest advantage of using a virtual server over a dedicated server?

When you use VPS hosting, you can have increased reliability and stability as compared to shared hosting. Very few servers are hosted on a single node in top quality dedicated servers which ensures better performance and uptime.

When can I reach you out for an unmetered dedicated server in Georgia?

If you want to order a dedicated server in Georgia, you can reach out to us anytime around the clock. Our experts are there to help you with your queries or to provide you with a quote without any setbacks.

What is the primary difference between virtual and dedicated servers?

The virtual server environment is much more natural to scale as compared to a dedicated hosting environment. A dedicated server provides client access to the full resource base as the resourced without any restraints.

Why is VPS used?

VPS hosting virtually mimics the dedicated server environments within a shared server. VPS services are popular because they are relatively lower in cost than dedicated hosting and they provide better security, reliability, and performance than shared hosting.

Can you help me to set up my dedicated hosting servers in Georgia?

Yes, we can. Also, we offer free setup, so you don’t need to worry about the setup fees.