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WORLDBUS Trusted High-Speed VPN Service

You probably know that every time you are online you are in vulnerable. Hackers could steal your private and financial information. When you are using Secure VPN you can rest assured that your Internet activity is 100% private and safe wherever you are. Create your own, safe Internet connection!

WORLDBUS VPN Secure Connection protects your privacy and data online without compromising on speed. With one click, our VPN selects the fastest server for you from 2000+ options in your choice of 53+ countries.


WORLDBUS accept various payment methods by PayPal, Credit/Debit cards (VISA, Master, Amex, … etc), Bitcoin, mobile payment, different local ways and more…

VPN Secure Connection

  • 53 Global Locations
  • Unlimited Download
  •  Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP
  • 10 Devices per account
  • P2P allowed
  • 1 & 10 Gbps port servers
  •  Kill Switch to prevent data leaks
  • 24/7 Technical Support
$5.00 /Monthly

  • WORDLBUS VPN Available Servers/Locations

    United States (Miami, Los Angeles, New York City), Germany (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf), Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver), Russian Federation (St Petersburg, Moscow), Italy (Palermo, Florence), Spain (Seville, Barcelona), Bulgaria (Sofia), Hong Kong, Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Thessaloniki), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Ireland (Dublin), Israel (Tel Aviv), Turkey (Bursa), Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam), Czech Republic (Prague), United Kingdom (London), Singapore, Brazil (Sao Paulo), Sweden (Stockholm), South Africa (Johannesburg), Ukraine (Kiev), Poland (Warsaw), India (Mumbai), Japan (Tokyo), Australia (Sydney), Philippines (Manila), France (Paris), Switzerland (Zurich), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Romania (Bucharest), Thailand (Bangkok) and Republic of Korea (Seoul).

    Note: The server located in Georgia is currently not available on VPN Servers.


    High speed connection

    We’ve all been there. You hit the play button on the Netflix show you’ve waited for for ages, or you’re about to strike your gaming arch nemesis that final victory blow. And then you see the dreaded buffering icon.

    You don’t have to fear that with WORLDBUS, the world’s fastest VPN. It not only ensures that your connection is secure with minimal speed loss. It also protects your internet connection from throttling, so your ISP can’t slow you down.


    Internet freedom

    Traveling to a more restrictive region? It doesn’t mean you should let that impede your freedom. WORLDBUS offers 100+ secure servers in 53 countries. You can connect to any one of them and enjoy your favorite content no matter where you are.

    Connect to your home region and access your favorite news websites or social media accounts in seconds. With WORLDBUS, you can experience the internet as if you’re at home, no matter how far away you are.



    Military-grade encryption

    The internet is not a safe space. A few careless clicks on a mysterious attachment or a pretty pop-up, and your device is infected with malware. A few minutes of using public Wi-Fi at your local cafe, and a cybercriminal knows your credentials.

    A VPN encrypts your connection, so even if the network you connect to has weak security, your data traffic is safe. But it doesn’t end there — WORLDBUS is so much more than your regular VPN. Our Threat Protection feature blocks malicious websites, malware, trackers, and ads, so even if you take a wrong turn online, the app will prevent you from infecting your device.



    Find answers to some frequently asked questions about WORLDBUS VPN!

    What is a VPN?

    A Virtual Private Network is an online service that encrypts and tunnels your Internet traffic through its server.

    With a VPN:

    • Your Internet Service Provider can’t see what you’re doing online.
    • You can spoof your location, i.e., appear as if connecting from another geographical location.
    • You can bypass state censorship and access websites and services banned in your country.
    • You can access geo-blocked streaming and gaming services.
    • You can circumvent employer- or school-imposed restrictions.
    • Patent trolls won’t be able to track you.
    • You can enjoy P2P.
    • Hackers preying on unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots won’t be able to intercept your traffic.

    What can I do with a VPN?

    A VPN is a multi-purpose digital survival tool. You can use your VPN to:

    • Hide your real IP address and surf the web with added privacy
    • Protect your confidential information (such as online banking credentials or social media passwords) through VPN encryption
    • Unblock and access your favorite websites and social media platforms
    • Stream and download anything securely, anonymously, and with no limits

    Will a VPN slow my internet connection?

    This is possible with any VPN, but the difference is often unnoticeable. Furthermore, if your internet service provider is throttling certain types of traffic, using a VPN could actually boost your connection. ExpressVPN runs a premium network using bandwidth from Tier-1 providers.

    How many devices can be connected to WORLDBUS VPN?

    A single subscription can be used simultaneously on 10 devices, regardless of platform (including virtual machines). You may install WORLDBUS VPN on any number of devices, but only 10 devices can be connected at any one time.

    What devices and platforms do you support?

    WORLDBUS VPN has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

    Do you log my data?

    WORLDBUS VPN is a privacy-focused company that does not store activity logs or connection logs of our users. WORLDBUS VPN does collect minimal information about the usage of our services in order to identify and address technical issues, but this information cannot be used to connect you to any specific activity or behavior.