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Tips to Select your Web Hosting for 2023

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December 12, 2022, Written by 0 comment

With the promise of a new year upon us, businesses are digging for new opportunities for uncovering better ROI. While having a physical presence over a brick-and-mortar location is crucial, having an online presence is equally imperative. If you have a business and you have been looking for expansion opportunities, moving to an unmanaged dedicated server from your regular hosting provider can be a great idea. It offers you more flexibility to handle traffic surges and the security is simply unparalleled. Wondering how you can pick the right dedicated server in Germany? Here are some tips for you.

What is the average load time?

The internet audience has the attention span of a goldfish. They see your page lagging on the internet, and they sign off and move to a different page. The overall page load time can have a massive influence on how much traffic your website receives and what is the uptime for your website. If the page keeps on buffering, visitors can leave your page. In fact, according to a study by Google, if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of mobile site users click away.

What’s the average uptime?

Whenever you are selecting your web hosting, the average uptime is of great significance. So, the average uptime is defined as the number of hours for which your website is accessible per day and the number of visitors to your website is influenced by the average uptime of your website. There won’t be much traffic to your website if users can’t access it when they go there. One hour of downtime might cost your business a lot of potential revenue. You would desire that your average uptime be 100% or as near to it as possible because of this.

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Overall pricing and renewal

Make sure your budget and the cost of the hosting package are compatible. If you spend your savings on an expensive hosting package while operating a business, you risk losing both your business and your hard work. So, pay attention to the features offered by the hosting platform as well as the pricing and the cost of account renewal.


Websites tend to be as fragile as they come. You could require the assistance of your hosting provider, depending on the server you choose and the volume of traffic your website receives. You should have the customer service executives at your disposal 24/7 to help you handle your website swiftly and seamlessly.

Security and features

The next things to see are the security and features. Analyze the features your web hosting provider is offering and what’s the industry standard. Also, as every business has different needs, consider if the dedicated hosting provider is providing unparalleled security.


Identifying the best hosting platform and VPS in Turkey is vital for building a flawless website. In today’s competitive landscape, everyone needs a website that delivers high performance with a rock-solid digital presence and you can have that with a professional firm for web hosting and .ge domain registration.

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