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Major Challenges for Enterprises in the Online Landscape

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November 23, 2022, Written by 0 comment

There is no denying the skyrocketing rise of Software-as-a-service or SaaS infrastructure and cloud-hosted online services. Many businesses have moved to an always-on online model. An increasing number of businesses are opting for a dedicated server in the Netherlands to scale their business up to new heights and while the explosion in technology offers opportunities, it also brings a myriad of challenges for organizations.

Wondering what challenges global enterprises to face on a daily basis when they are operating online? Well, dive in to find out and avert these challenges.

1. Deciding the Hosting Infrastructure

If you own a website for your business, would you host it with a hosting partner? Well, even when you don’t have your hosting facility, opt for a dedicated hosting infrastructure. You can get a hybrid setup that allows you to host workloads based on the scalability of the cloud while working and developing an on-premise data center.

2. Handling the backend

Deciding the hosting platform for your website is one thing; managing them is another. Many businesses struggle with the DIY vs. outsourcing decision while others choose to shift to a cloud-native development in their blood and find the thought of managing actual hardware intimidating, are still extremely accustomed to managing an operations staff. Choosing back-end management can frequently prevent businesses from expanding and moving forward.

The operation of a data center against your hosting workloads has never been simpler, which is good news. Modern, fully virtualized servers and storage are remarkably easy to operate even with a limited workforce. You can integrate the cloud-like management experience with your public cloud and private environments to manage the back end of your business. In fact, the best step would be to go for a dedicated hosting provider who is available 24/7 for handling mishaps within the hosting infrastructure. Once you spot any irregularities or discrepancies, you can let your hosting provider know and they can fix it for you!

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3. Keep costs under control

The whole purpose of taking your business online is to reduce overall costs. Most businesses struggle with cost control when it comes to hosting. They end spending up thousands of bucks on fixing issues that are the responsibility of their hosting provider. Before you go for a hosting package, ensure to create a solid baseline for your costs and calculate and compare the costs between the on-premise data center and public cloud environment.


Having a 1GBPS dedicated server can solve many issues. Ranging from the security concerns that haunt online businesses on shared servers to the storage issue and traffic surge breakdowns, the story with a 1GBPS unmetered server is completely different. You can get access to a pool of resources that can help to streamline and magnify your online presence without any setbacks. With the right hosting provider, you can have an up-and-running website that handles traffic surges well and has secure payment gateways along with safe databases.

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