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Cpanel Web Hosting Heralding Cutting-Edge Hosting Solutions

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August 23, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Whether you are starting your website from scratch or helping someone with their profound web presence, setting up a website can be overwhelming. However, it isn’t. All you need to do is to figure out the genre of your site, purchase the domain name and invest your time and money in the right hosting solution. Although figuring out your website niche is time taking, when it comes to the hosting solution, you can always pick cPanel shared hosting. Wondering why? Let’s find out!

But first, what is cPanel Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting allows numerous websites to share one server. A unanimous physical server is split into several smaller servers that share the same server resources, so the resources are also distributed among the users. Additional server resources include bandwidth, RAM, and CPU.

The name cPanel refers to a control panel that controls your Linux-based hosting service. One of the best features of cPanel is that it makes it possible for anyone (even those without technical know-how to control all aspects of web hosting). Many people use cPanel for fundamental and commonplace operations like managing and administering email accounts.

Due to its user-friendly interface, cPanel web hosting is preferred by many online professionals. It is simple to set up email forwarders, create new email accounts, and reset passwords using cPanel hosting. Other typical cPanel hosting options include adding multiple domains, which enables you to host many domain names under one hosting account, and setting up domain parking, which enables you to redirect one domain name to another domain name.

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Why choose cPanel Hosting?

cPanel is known for its feature-enriched nature. Some of its wildly popular features cover the following:

Rock-solid database support

cPanel works with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Both are commonly used structured query languages for obtaining data from databases. Your website is strengthened by a reliable database management system when you host it with cPanel. Additionally, you can set up remote access to MySQL databases via the cPanel. This makes it easier to connect to MySQL databases on remote systems.

FTP account management

File Transfer Protocol, sometimes known as FTP, is a protocol that enables users to download and upload files, create and delete folders, and organise files. It also facilitates users to modify the permissions of their files. With the aid of FTP accounts, cPanel web hosting makes it simple for you to manage all of this. After you sign up for cPanel web hosting, an FTP account will be instantly generated within the cPanel. It is feasible to set up many FTP accounts without granting unauthorised individuals access. By designating a user to a certain directory in cPanel, you can choose the level of access to be granted to that user.


Whether you opt for Georgia domain registration or cPanel web hosting, ensure to go for the professionals. When your web hosting solution comes with cPanel, you get a one-click installation of popular applications and the flexibility to manage multiple websites from one account. Get a highly secure platform with automated backups and malware scanning and experience fast loading times for optimal user experience.


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