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Bitcoin Web Hosting: An Overview

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June 23, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Many businesses and investors are adopting Bitcoin as the new form of money worldwide. If your company also allows bitcoin transactions, maintaining security and privacy is of utmost importance. That’s when bitcoin hosting services start making sense. Now, what is web hosting all about? What different types of bitcoin hosting services can you get for your company? We are here to ease your dilemma with this quick overview.

What is bitcoin hosting?

Bitcoin hosting is a web server under which websites allowing cryptocurrency transactions can ensure users’ and payments’ privacy and security.

Types of bitcoin hosting

  • Dedicated bitcoin hosting: Getting a dedicated server in Germany for your bitcoin transactions is an excellent way to reduce the chances of cyber attacks. With dedicated hosting, only your website and its users enjoy high levels of security, customized features, and server resources.
  • VPS bitcoin hosting: This is another best way to ensure the security of your Bitcoin transactions. As the name implies, it provides a virtual private server with robust security protocols like DDOS, firewall, etc.
  • Shared bitcoin hosting: Unlike the above two, a shared bitcoin hosting would allow many websites will function under a single server. Since you won’t know what other websites might enter your server network, it’s not the best option for bitcoin hosting to ensure privacy.

Factors to consider while choosing the best bitcoin web hosting

  • Security – Making the network secure is a primary aspect of buying bitcoin hosting. Thus, you must ensure it incorporates several security protocols with PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and FISMA guidelines.
  • Mining facility – Mining setups can be cumbersome to set up and operate in domestic locations. Look for companies offering colocation mining facilities for effortless and efficient bitcoin mining. This is also known as bitcoin mining hosting.
  • Performance – Before finalizing a bitcoin hosting service, you must check the package for its CPU processor, bandwidth, speed, memory allocations, and other technical aspects that determine its performance.
  • Customizability – Since every business wants to stand out from the pool of competitors, you must check how flexible the hosting plan is. Greater customizability is always preferred.
  • Technical support – While buying a bitcoin hosting service, you must ensure they offer robust technical support. They should have an active expert team who are well-versed with Bitcoin and can help with setup, integration, and troubleshooting.
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1. Does bitcoin hosting allow safe mining?

Absolutely! Professional bitcoin mining hosting allows safe and efficient mining setups at a colocation facility.

2. How can I buy bitcoin hosting?

To buy Bitcoin hosting, you can register on their website and order the hosting plan.

3. Do the best hosting services accept bitcoin payments?

Yes, this innovative firm takes Bitcoin seriously and accepts Bitcoin as the payment method too!


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