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What is a dedicated server?

September 29, 2020, Written by 0 comment

What is a dedicated server?

When you’re beginning another site, blog, or application, one of the primary choices you’ll need to make is the manner by which to host your webpage. While there are a couple of various ways you can decide to host your site, two normally utilized kinds of servers are shared servers and dedicated servers. With a dedicated server, nonetheless, your site is the one in particular that will be hosted on the server.

To be competitive on the web, you need to discover all the manners in which you can get an edge on your opposition. Savvy organizations realize this requires a vigorous online presence starting with a site that can totally uphold clients’ needs. This starts with your web hosting administration.

A dedicated server is a sort of web hosting in which a customer has the selective utilization of a whole server. The meaning of a dedicated server is “an undertaking grade physical server used to host the applications and administrations of a solitary hosting customer”. Dedicated servers are commonly used to host high-traffic sites, web applications, and other hosting situations where execution is fundamental. Now let’s discuss its components.


A dedicated server is basically a PC like the desktop machines that you use at home or at work. Every server contains processors, memory, stockpiling, network equipment, and transports to associate the parts together.

In any case, dedicated servers don’t appear as though standard PCs and they don’t contain the same parts. Dedicated servers contain venture grade equipment that is more dependable, less inclined to disappointment, and significantly more remarkable.


Enterprise-grade servers regularly use ECC (Error Correcting Code) RAM, which is both more solid and more costly than the RAM in the normal PC or PC. ECC RAM incorporates extraordinary equipment that forestalls a significant number of the most well-known reasons for information corruption.


Dedicated server processors are, as you may anticipate, the most remarkable processors available. Chip producers make processors that explicitly target servers, for example, Intel’s Xeon extends, which is built for ideal speed, dependability, and adaptability.

As I told you earlier, dedicated hosting is one of the most impressive servers plans accessible, alongside cloud hosting. However, you might be asking whether you need it. How about we survey some reasons you should think about opening your wallet.

Private Communications:

One reason to move to a dedicated server is the capacity to send private messages. The security this adds to your business interchanges will help keep con artists and programmers from influencing your organization’s PCs.

High-Traffic Websites:

Hosting a site that gets a great simultaneous request is resource-intensive. If you foresee that your site will develop rapidly; it may be a smart thought to settle on a dedicated server. Picking a more remarkable dedicated server is fewer minds confusing than working out a bunch of little machines.


Security is significant for each site, however particularly for those dealing with delicate data. This could incorporate secret messages, MasterCard numbers, or delicate client data. It’s pivotal to shield this data and your site from infections, hacks, and different dangers.

With a dedicated server, you’re totally responsible for your site’s security. This implies you can advance the highlights you requirement for the particular necessities of your site and put away documents.

Game Server Hosting:

Dedicated servers are incredible in case you need to host multiplayer sessions of your preferred game. You can alter the server to fit the necessities of the game and get less slack. A dedicated server will permit players to join the game regardless of whether you’re disconnected since the host is self-sufficient.


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