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High Performance And Complete Control With Feature-Rich Dedicated Servers

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April 22, 2022, Written by 0 comment

In the technology-powered biorhythm of the enterprise infrastructure, enterprises of all sizes are facing a wide range of challenges. The internet world is complex and the most common option for website owners is choosing shared hosting where a single server’s resources are shared by several different websites. However, website owners who understand the complexity of the situation, and the value of hosting, resort to dedicated server hosting for a myriad of reasons. Wondering why? Well, here are the answers for you!

Enhanced performance and security

Do you want to maximize the uptime for your website? Then dedicated hosting can offer more reliability and stability as compared to shared hosting. Dedicated hosting servers ensure that you are not sharing your website space with any malicious software or potential spammers. By selecting high-performance and secure dedicated servers you can ensure enhanced security for transactions over SSL or FTP. Moreover, with a dedicated hosting server with 24×7 support, you can deal with frequent failures and complaints that ensure higher uptime.

No shared server resources

Business owners who choose dedicated servers can fetch all the resources of the server. They don’t need to thrive on shared resources, and the dedicated server won’t slow down, as no applications are clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM by sharing the space. When you choose dedicated hosting, your server bandwidth solely belongs to you.

Better flexibility

As you can customize your server as per the custom requirements of your client’s CPU, RAM, disk space, and software needs. A dedicated server offers better flexibility, and if your website wants a customizable environment, then a dedicated server might check all the boxes without any setbacks.

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Complete control

One of the most well-known benefits of dedicated hosting is that it presents complete control of your server. When you decide your site’s management tool and the choice of application you wish to deploy, your hosting provider can offer them. You can make any alterations anytime you need as you will have root access.


Selecting a dedicated server that is secure, fast, and well-managed can be the ultimate weapon for business success. If your website wants to have more control and power, you must look for a dedicated server hosting provider that offers top-notch hosting services within a cost-effective price range.


1. Who needs dedicated servers?

Any midsize to large companies with more than 500 employees can benefit from dedicated hosting if they are managing large amounts of data. When your business contains a large supply chain/inventory infrastructure, it contains a database, or hundreds of hourly ecommerce transactions, a dedicated server is a mandate.

2. How much traffic can a dedicated server in the Netherlands handle on average?

If you are choosing a dedicated server in the Netherlands, it can handle up to 20,000 users per day without any significant lag.

3. What is meant by a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are typically a type of web hosting where a client has the exclusive use of an entire server without sharing it with anyone.


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