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A comprehensive overview on cPanel shared hosting

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April 12, 2022, Written by 0 comment

Do you have any idea that every minute at least 380 new websites are being created? Well, every website needs hosting, which means that the web hosting industry is also booming along with the skyrocketing number of websites. Different type of Hosting alternatives include: shared web hostingdedicated server, VPS hosting, application-based hosting, and more. In this blog, let’s discuss the crests and troughs of cPanel shared hosting, popular among various web professionals.

Salient Features of cPanel web hosting

Strong Database Support PostgreSQL and MySQL support cPanel. Both of these are structure query languages used extensively to collect and acquire information from databases. In theory, cPanel web hosting reinforces your website with a robust DBMS. In addition, you can also use the cPanel for configuring remote access to MySQL databases without any hiccups.

1. Managing FTP Accounts

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a methodology that enables users to upload, download, create, delete or organize their files and change the file permissions, cPanel hosting makes it straightforward for users to manage all this with a designated FTP Accounts. You can create and set up several FTP accounts with cPanel web hosting and decide the level of access that should be given to a particular user.

2. Manage Emails easily

cPanel web hosting also makes it easy for users to manage emails. You can create, edit and remove email accounts, set the mailbox quota, modify the password and configure your mailbox with preferred add-ons. You can also filter your emails as per your requirement while you orchestrate your email inventory with ease.

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3. Add Multiple domains

Do you want to add multiple domains? Then cPanel web hosting facilitates you to add multiple domains and edit the zone files of the domains by altering their records. For users who want to browse their website with a different domain name, cPanel makes it possible with domain aliases. In addition, you can also redirect a particular webpage to another domain using the redirect feature while you can also add sub-domains with cPanel web hosting.

4. Secure your website

cPanel is embedded with a content delivery network that secures and accelerates your website. After you get access to Cloudfare through your cPanel, your site traffic routes through a global network that fastens up the web page delivery for the visitors that browse them. This can also safeguard your website from DDoS and other potential attacks that can result in data breaches.

The bottom line

cPanel shared hosting can offer everything a user needs to manage his website. In addition to freedom, cPanel shared web hosting also offers top-notch site security. As compared to other hosting platforms, cPanel doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as well. All the features in cPanel hosting are designed keeping in mind the discrete needs of different web professionals. There are many long-term benefits of cPanel hosting ranging from complete control on applications to backup and scalability. What is your reason for switching to cPanel?


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