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5 Significant Perks of Using a Virtual Private Server

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September 14, 2022, Written by 0 comment

In a world where every business is online, having the right hosting plan has become the need of the hour. With hosting plans being sold left and right, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Ranging from unmanaged dedicated servers to managed ones, selecting the right server is no cakewalk for enterprises. If your website is new and small, a shared server might get the work done for you. However, when your site begins to grow, a dedicated server might provide you with everything you need while taking a bite out of your budget.

Need the best of both worlds? Well, then a virtual private server hosting plan can be your one-stop solution to get a high-performance server within a reasonable budget. With a standard or cloud VPS server hosting provider, you can have the freedom to choose the OS and software you need while benefiting from increased flexibility on a relatively reliable server.

Elasticity and enhanced security

If your site experiences a sudden surge in traffic, your VPS hosting platform can handle this fluctuation without coming to a screeching halt. In addition, as compared to shared hosting networks, VPS hosting can offer a secure environment and keep your website secure without the threat of unauthorized break-ins.

Dedicated Assets

The fact that all of your server resources are devoted solely to your company is one exquisite advantage of VPS hosting. A VPS typically provides you with greater resources than shared hosting, too. CPU, RAM, space, and bandwidth will not be shared with any other customers.


With shared hosting, the efficiency of your website will be influenced by the server’s overall resource usage at any given time. Shared hosts must attempt to set up the server so that it can run with a variety of website configurations. For your website, a VPS can be optimized to function effectively. Enterprises resorting to VPS hosting witness tremendous benefits including better performance because of the more sophisticated configurations.

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Cost-effectiveness and Value

Even while a VPS often costs more than shared hosting, it is still significantly less expensive than dedicated hosting. A high-performance VPS doesn’t cost significantly more than the majority of shared hosting packages. When you compare the benefits of VPS to shared hosting, it is clear why a VPS is a far better investment, especially when you take managed VPS hosting into account.

Better access and control

Website owners that use shared hosting have limited control over what they install in the hosting environment. However, businesses that use VPS hosting can profit by simply running the necessary services. You can disable or uninstall superfluous services like email functionality, Bind, webmail, etc.

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When you are all set to take the plunge into VPS hosting or bitcoin hosting services for that matter, pricing and quality should be your first priorities. VPS is always an excellent option to experience better performance, elasticity, and flexibility for years to come. Ready to make the switch to VPS? Get a quote from WORLDBUS now!


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